Contingency Plans

To begin the 2021-2022 school year, we will not be offering on-line learning. However, if public health officials, the Governor, or the Governing Board require that school district to move into an alternative educational delivery model, or should we have to close a classroom, school or district, Union Elementary School District may implement the following contingency option.

Union Connects (Online Learning Model)

Should a student attending In-Person learning need to stay at home due to illness and/or COVID-19 symptoms, they can join in on the learning via a live-streaming option for their In-Person teacher.

On-Line Learning Schedule

  • Students attend On-Line learning for the time frame communicated by the school administrator for the in-person closure.
  • On-Line instruction will be provided live, by a Union Elementary School District Teacher.
  • There may be times when the teacher releases students to complete their independent work, such as homework, but will return to check in on them during the regular scheduled day.
  • Students will be able to contact their teacher as needed for support and questions during the regular school day.
  • Students will communicate with their assigned educators and peers using Microsoft Teams.
  • Students will participate in all Union Elementary Curriculum, Grading, and Assessment practices.


  • Once this contingency is required communication about the process and timeframe will be communicated by the school administrator.
  • Any needed support or resources will be identified, such as students who may have special needs, English Language Learners or gifted students.

Technology Requirements

  • Students participating in On-Line Instruction will need to have reliable access to a home computer, laptop or tablet and an Internet connection.
  • Laptops may be available for students who do not have technology available at home through a checkout process provided by their individual school as needed during the school year, as resources permit.
  • Union Elementary School District has the ability to provide WiFi hotspots to families in need, please let your school office or principal know if you need this to access streaming for your child.

Internet Bandwidth

  • If you have multiple children who need to access/participate in online meetings simultaneously, consider 30 Mbps to be the recommended minimum. This would also be the case if you have other adults that are also working from home and participating in activities such as online meetings, video streaming, etc.


If your family is exploring personal devices for your student, we recommend the below support to ensure that your child can interact with the curriculum and resources within Union ESD online program.




Technology Systems to support On-Line Learning


Operating System Web Browser Internet Speeds
·     Windows 10 (version 1809 or later)

·     Mac OS (version 10.13 or later)

·     Chromebook

·     Google Chrome (ver. 72 or later)

·     Microsoft Edge / Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)



·     10 Mbps minimum bandwidth

·     30 Mbps recommended minimum


·     1 Mbps minimum upload

·     5 Mbps recommended minimum upload

student in mask working on computer