Staff Visual Screening for Illness

This guidance is intended for staff to engage in the visual screening of students upon entry to the school site and or bus and throughout the school day.

To help us slow the spread and limit exposure of our students and staff to COVID-19, and other contagious illness, students must not come to school or remain in the school setting if they exhibit any of the following symptoms listed in Appendix A. Additionally, students may experience a change in wellness en route to school, or at some point during the day.  Please use the visual screening process described below.

Staff visually and auditorily screen for the following symptoms upon entry to the school site or school bus.

  • Fever as evidenced by looking flushed or is sweating
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing as evidenced by rapid breath or gulping breaths
  • Complaints of muscle or body aches
  • Complaints of sore throat
  • Change in congestion
  • Complaints of nausea or has vomited

Things to consider in the classroom throughout the day:

  • Changes in mood and/or listless, or becomes irritable when disturbed
  • Does not want to eat
  • Looks tired, flushed, or pale
  • Complaining of feeling cold or hot
  • Complaining of pain
  • Increased request to use the restroom

If you believe a student to be ill or symptomatic:

Greet the student in a friendly manner (use their name if known) and ask if they are feeling ok.

  • If the student responds that they are feeling fine determine which of the below responses is most reasonable for the situation.

-Allow the student to continue to the classroom & notify the teacher to check on them throughout the day.

-Ask the student to go with you to the nurse's office for a screening.

  • If the student responds that they are not feeling well or are unable to provide a response, immediately notify the nurse that a student has been referred and escort the student to the nurse.

COVID-19 Screening Flow Chart

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 1.55.19 PM