Reporting procedures for COVID-19 Symptoms or a Positive Test

The CDC’s, State and County Health Departments’ procedures for reporting COVID-19 symptoms or COVID-19 positive tests change periodically. The following procedures may be updated, and employees, parents and families will be notified of major changes to reporting procedures.

If a person becomes sick with COVID-19 symptoms or reports a positive COVID-19 test, the procedures listed below should be followed:

  1. Immediately report the situation ONLY to:
    • If a student: School Principal
    • If a student in before/afterschool program: School Principal
    • If an employee: Director of Human Resources/School Principal
      Confidentiality must be maintained to the greatest extent possible.
  2. If an employee develops COVID-19 symptoms at work, the employee will be separated from all other students, staff, or visitors, and sent home in a safe manner. If the employee is able to self-transport, the employee will leave the site. If the employee is not able to safely self-transport, family member, friend of other methods of transport to get the employee home or to a health care provider will be arranged by the site supervisor. If the employee appears to be in medical distress, 911 will be called.
  3. If a student develops COVID-19 symptoms at school, the student will be separated from all other students and staff, with the exception of one staff member or supervise the student. This staff member will wear additional PPE (face shield, gown, gloves) and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from the student at all times, unless there is an emergency. The school will immediately notify a parent or emergency contact to pick up the student and call 911 if the student appears to be in medical distress.
  4. Areas that were exposed to the symptomatic employee or students for a prolonged period of time will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected per CDC guidelines. Depending on the situation, the areas of exposure may need to be closed for a 24-hour period.
  5. The site principal will determine whether other employees or students may have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual (unmasked, within 6 feet, and for the prolonged period of time, typically longer than 10 minutes). If so, the site principal will notify the Director of Human Resources. If it is determined that those exposed individuals should be notified, the notification will recommend that the exposed individuals monitor their healthy closely, contact their health care provider if possible, and if symptoms develop, self-quarantine.

Employees or students who have developed COVID-19 symptoms or had a positive COVID-19 test may not return to the site until they have met the CDC or State/County Health Department Guidelines at that moment in time. Because guidelines change regularly, describing the steps would not be prudent.

Communicating and Consulting with Local Health Authorities

In coordination with the Director of Human Resources, a district designated nurse will be the point of contact for the Maricopa County Department of Public Health and/or Arizona Department of Health Services if there are verified cases in the facility or an increase in cases the local area. The district will follow any additional guidance required by these departments.

Potential School Closures

At this time and depending on state government and/or health departments’ criteria for closing an individual school, it is not known what would cause a school to close as a result of a COVID-19 outbreak at a particular campus. Once and if the District obtains that information, it will be communicated to Union Employees, parents and families. In addition, the District has put plans in place should the need arise for closing the entire district, as was done in March 2020, if ordered by the state.

Note: In order to continue to receive funding, only the state has the authority to close schools, not the local governing boards.

Additional Resources

The Centers for Disease Control

Arizona Department of Health Service

Maricopa County Public Health Department